Corduliidae (Emeralds)

Species documented in Georgia - 19

     Images are captioned with date and location -

     county name if in Georgia, state abbreviation if not.

No photos available for Epitheca sepia, Neurocordulia alabamensis, Neurocordulia obsoleta, Somatochlora elongata, Somatochlora georgiana, Somatochlora provocans.

Distribution maps.

Epitheca costalis (Slender Spreadwing)

Epitheca costalis

Epitheca princeps

Epitheca semiaquea

Epitheca stella

Helocordulia selysii

Neurocordulia molesta

Neurocordulia virginiensis

Somatochlora filosa

Somatochlora linearis

Epitheca spinosa

Somatochlora elongata